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‘Bait!’ Go Ice Fishing with Friends to Facebook’s social VR


Facebook launched it’s social VR spaces beta last Apr, finally showing us a compelling experience that helped put the social media company’s acquisition of Oculus in the 1st place. Recently, Oculus showed off a little ice fishing game from casual game studio Resolution Games at the Oculus Connect four conference. Now, the game dubbed Bait! is ready to get you and a friend into spaces VR together.

This is an experiment for FB social VR gaming but shows off the potential future of social VR with friends. Already Bait! are a successful game on Gear VR, says Facebook Spaces Head of Product Mike Booth, but bringing it to spaces allowed the team to use it as a prototype for developing 3rd party developer tools for more 3D games.

This ice-fishing title is intentionally casual, as well. “fishing is one of those activities that allow you to be socially active and 100% of your mental bandwidth is not required,” said Resolution Games’ Tommy Palm (one of the folks behind mega-hit CandyCrush). “With this mix, you’ll engage in a very fun way, while also having conversations with your friends.”


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