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An Engineer’s Dream: GE’s unveils huge 3D Printer makes aircraft parts


GE has unveiled its earlier-announced 3D metal printer, which is suitable for producing aircraft components. At the manufacturing trade show form next in Germany, the GE Additive team revealed the as-yet-unnamed machine, demonstrating its ability to print parts as large as one meter in diameter directly from a computer file. using additive production technology, the machine fuses thin layers of metal powder together with a 1-kilowatt laser.

The machine has the potential to build even larger parts, too, because of its scalable nature, plus its design can be designed to add more lasers if needed. Mohammed Ehteshami, a part of GE’s Project ATLAS team (Additive Technology giant space System), aforementioned it had already been used to print a jet combustor liner. “It can also be applicable for makers in the automotive, power and space industries,” he added.

The printer, that is still in beta stage, draws on additive manufacturing technology that is already being used by many GE businesses. GE Aviation is building the Advanced Turboprop, a commercial aircraft engine made mostly of 3D parts. using the technology designers reduced 855 separate parts down to just twelve. in step with Ehteshami, the machine is “an engineer’s dream”.


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