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Latest Moto Mod from Polaroid is an Insta-Share photo printer


Motorola’s Moto Mods are terribly cool, but what’s extremely impressive is the potential. In theory, you’ll do basically anything with a Moto Mod, and currently Polaroid is increasing what the platform is capable of, with a printer.

There’s something special about the previous Polaroid cameras that could bring a picture from shot to a physical copy in seconds. With its 1st Moto Mod, Polaroid is bringing that functionality to Moto Z devices. The Insta-Share printer attaches to the rear of your phone and with the assistance of an app, will print out photos you’ve just taken seconds after you’ve shot them.

You can take shots and print them instantly, or print photos you’ve previously taken that are stored in Google Photos, Facebook, or Instagram.

Simply snap the mod on your moto z, click the physical button to launch the camera and take a picture, then print right from your phone. The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer even allows you to print your favorite footage from Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos.

Photos printed out from this Moto Mod are printed onto 2×3 “Polaroid Premium ZINK® Zero-Ink® Paper” that makes them smudge-proof and provides you the choice to stick them anyplace with the adhesive on the rear. You’ll get a handful of sheets in the box with the Mod itself, but replacements go for regarding $20~ for fifty sheets.

The Polaroid Insta-Share printer can compatible with all Moto Z devices, but it’ll solely be sold in Verizon stores and on Motorola’s web site for the time being. pricing lands at $199.99

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