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SpaceX will launching a govt secret mission called ‘Zuma’


On Nov sixteenth, between 8 PM and 10 PM eastern, SpaceX is sending a secret payload known as “Zuma” beyond our atmosphere. The aerospace corporation test-fired a Falcon 9 rocket on Nov 11th with the intention of launching the mission on the 15th. while the most recent target date was moved by a day, and it could be delayed once more, Zuma has to launch by Nov 30th. Why it completely has to be in position by the end of this month is not clear, though — not when we know next to nothing regarding the mission.

Defense technology company Northrop Grumman for the US Govt approved according to space, SpaceX is launching to the payload, The publication tried to find out more about it, but a Northrop rep only had one thing to say: the payload is restricted. Florida announced today, SpaceX is not a stranger to launching secret missions, including a spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance office and another payload for the Department of Defense. However, no govt agency has admitted being the brains behind Zuma now.

We do know, however, that the secret payload is headed to Low Earth Orbit and is blasting faraway from Kennedy Space Center’s historic 39A Launch complicated. SpaceX will try yet another landing and can guide the rocket’s 1st stage to a landing site at Cape Canaveral. while Zuma is shrouded in mystery, you’ll at least watch it leave Earth live via SpaceX’s webcast.

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