Google Home app

Google Home app update features adds new streaming recommendations and movie trailers.


Google home is becoming all kinds of helpful. You can already use the smart speakers family with Chromecast to control your Netflix and Spotify accounts, watch CBS All Access and CW tv shows, and manage YouTube’s live TV service. Now, Google has replaced the Google homepage with a new, more helpful layout, suggested streaming content, a better search system, redesigned controller interfaces and even movie trailers.

The updated app is available in the Google Play store today; The iOS app was apparently updated a few days back. The updates are all aimed at making the home expertise simply a little additional intuitive, like putting important navigation buttons at the bottom of the app’s screen. you will get a new list of suggested content from all the streaming services you use, and new search filters for actors, artists, genres, and categories. If you use android, your Home app will currently cast movie trailers to your big screen TV from your phone. you’ll also set bass and treble settings for your connected Home speakers right in the app.

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