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Deutsche Bahn future trains have digital cars with game consoles


This week Deutsche Bahn (DB) launched its new “Idea Train” plans. That ultra-future train can compete with self-driving cars and build commuting way more reposeful. On Tue, Deutsche Bahn introduced the 1st appearance of the “Ideenzug” or “Idea Train” in Nuremberg, with the company claiming it could revolutionize your morning commute.

The train, as well as having a swank look, is kitted out with everything imaginable to cater to its passengers. There are areas designed for business travelers with noise-canceling chairs, inbuilt tablet stands and privacy pods for peace and quiet, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

If you’ll ne’er manage to squeeze in a morning workout then there is a fitness studio, complete with exercise bikes and a digital fitness coach.

Other features include a play area for the children and a variety of games consoles not for little kids, as well as a TV so you ne’er want to miss a match while you travel.

Designers have also taken care of people who hate traveling backward, as some of the chairs can be turned to face whichever direction you want.

The project is that the brainchild of Christoph Kraller, head of DB regional train subsidiary ‘Südostbayernbahn’, who, 2 years ago, met with some staff to discuss what transport could appear as if in the future.

The group was motivated to modernize the train journey to compete for the new A94 motorway it runs between Munich and Simbach from 2019. Kraller and his team needed to make train travel a lot of attractive prospects.

Another threat to train travel is the rise of the self-driving car. in the future self-driving cars may take away from the new developments train travel’s main advantage: that one will concentrate on other things during a commute.

Jörg Sandvoß, head of DB Regio, told the SZ that because car makers are planning to produce “rolling living rooms” on our roads, train operators need to not only keep up with automobile makers but overtake them.


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