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Jet engine power Iron Man suit Inventor creates Guinness World Record


You know that guy who makes a homemade Iron Man suit? Well, with the help of his arm-strapped, gas-powered turbine engines, he simply earned himself a Guinness world record title. because the Mirror reports, Richard Browning and Daedalus (the name of his suit) reached flying speeds of 32.02 mph and Guinness awarded the effort with a title for the fastest speed during a body-controlled jet engine power suit. If you are wondering what number competitors there may possibly be in such a class, the answer is one. Browning is that the 1st title holder.

When we 1st heard regarding Browning and his wild suit back in March, he said the suit price him around $50,000 to make, although a couple of partnerships offset some of that price. After then browning and his company (Gravity) have received some little bit of investment interest and that they just wrapped up a funding round that increased an extra $650,000 on top of hundreds of thousands of dollars in earlier investment funding.

You can check out a video of Daedalus’ award-winning flight above.

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