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Netgear adds a smart security light alerts you of unwanted guests


Netgear has basically added a smart security light to its Arlo line of home smart security devices. the corporate has already released a bunch of comprehensive surveillance cameras, and its latest piece of connected hardware could be a wireless, outside security light. Like smart bulbs before it, the light hooks up to a mobile app to let you customise its color and brightness. But, you probably will not be using it to set the mood for a dinner party. Instead, it’ll ping you once it detects motion, and automatically turn on within the method. Thankfully, you will be able to tinker with its sensors on your smartphone, so it does not blink anytime a pet runs by.

There’s even the choice to switch to red light mode, that should scare the wits out of unwanted guests. And, if you own Arlo’s existing cameras, you’ll synchronize them with the smart light to make a smart home security network. That way, they’ll be set-up to trigger recordings, switch on extra lights, and IFTTT-enabled smart locks — turning your home into an impenetrable smart fortress. The IFTTT tag (which is basically a connective system for web-facing services) also means that the light works with Amazon’s Echo speakers and Google Home.

There is no word on the Arlo Security Light’s cost, so we can not say for sure whether it is more cost-effective than its closest rivals: The $200 Wink security bundle and therefore the $249 Ring Floodlight Cam. But, you’ll have to fork out an additional $80 for a separate solar panel if you do not need to rely on the rechargeable batteries that come out of the box.

The Arlo Security light can arrive in the U.S. in the 1st half of 2018.


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