paying top creators

Snap said it’s planing to start paying top creators


Snap said it’s planning to pay for top creators, like how YouTube paying money for people to make videos in exchange for ad revenue. In prepared quarterly remarks, chief executive officer Evan spiegel said the corporate had “neglected the creator community on Snapchat that makes and distributes public Stories for the broader Snapchat audience.”

Over the next year, he said the service would build out more distribution and monetization features. He said the corporate might build professional tools available, and usually, would facilitate sharing beyond friend groups.

For comparison, YouTube allows anyone with over 10,000 channel views to make money off ads. other social platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter haven’t any formal system in place for creators to make money. Instead, they rely on sponsored posts. this could create Snapchat a more lucrative and appealing platform, but with only 178 million daily active users, creators’ potential reach is far less. vine died because its user base was far less, and Twitter delayed its rollout of promoted, sponsored content.


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