iPhone Face ID fail

This video shows Face ID fail to properly unlock his brother’s Apple


Apple touts that Face ID is even safer than touch ID was, with there being a one in 1,000,000 chance of a different person having the ability to unlock somebody else’s iPhone X with Face ID. a new video posted to Reddit, however, shows Face ID failing to properly differentiate between siblings…


IPhoneX Face ID fail? from iphone


In the video, you’ll be able to see Face ID unlock the iPhone X for both siblings. The brother who initially setup Face ID demonstrates the feature working properly for him. Next, the other sibling tries to unlock the iPhone X without wearing glasses. Face ID fails to recognize his face, just like you’d expect.


Then, however, the 2nd sibling wear on glasses similar in style to his brother, and Face ID unlocks the phone perfectly– although he wasn’t the one who initially setup Face ID.


Face ID has already been proved to struggle with twins, but this video proves that it’s more than just twins. Apple has realized that Face ID’s also less secure once it comes to siblings with similar facial features, and this can be a prime example of that. Apple has also touched on the effect that glasses will have on Face ID’s accuracy.


Apple is assured that Face ID is that the future of biometric unlocking technology for the iPhone because the company heavily touted its security features last month during the iPhone X announcement event.


in this video, while notable, should not necessarily serve as the basis of a “#FaceIDGate” fiasco. Though should similar problems still appear, this will be a little more disturbing and Apple might have a much bigger issue on its hands.


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