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Samsung’s Internet browser gets an ad-tracking blocker and now available for all Android phones


Samsung’s browser is currently available on all android phones running android 5.0 and above. within the same update, Samsung internet is also getting a inbuilt ad-tracking blocker. Users on other android devices will find the Samsung internet app in the Play Store or Galaxy Apps store. Previously, Samsung internet was only available on Samsung devices and Google’s Nexus and pixel devices.


The browser’s new extension blocks invisible trackers, allowing you to browse in private. you can toggle on the tracking blocker, or if you’re in secret Mode, the blocker will already be enabled by default. The extension is powered by Disconnect, a privacy protection company, that already makes a similar ad-blocking extension for Samsung internet.


With the new blocker, Samsung might have taken a cue from its competitors. Apple recently began restricting ad tracking on the mobile and desktop versions of safari last month.


In this newest version, Samsung also announced the browser was getting a night Mode and a High contrast mode, for browsing with white text on a black background, to reduce eye strain.


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