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Amazon is Now adding Audible support to its $79 Kindle


When the 1st Kindle launched in 2007, it could play audiobooks sold by Amazon’s (then) recently-acquired audible. This feature was dropped from later models as they lost support for audio, but currently Amazon is bringing it back.


The new Kindle Oasis will play audible audiobooks (the feature is coming in an update after it ships) and currently Amazon is teasing that support are coming to the $79 Kindle.


Amazon has updated the listing for the basic Kindle with this nugget of detail:

  • With inbuilt audible, access the world’s largest library of audiobooks. easily switch between reading and listening on Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones. available within the coming months.


Amazon hasn’t mentioned audible support on the listings for the Voyage or Paperwhite, and there is no specific date on when the basic Kindle will get the feature, so it’d not arrive until next year.


But the feature will arrive eventually, at which time you’re better off not using it.


The factor regarding the Kindle is that it’s a small battery. when used as an ereader, the Kindle will last for weeks, but streaming audio over Bluetooth will drain the battery quickly. said Kindle also has limited storage – 4GB (3GB is user accessible). so even if you did not run out of battery life, you are still run out of storage after a handful of audiobooks.


So while the basic Kindle could certainly function as an audiobook player, you’d be better off using some other device.


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