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‘Overwatch’ director plans to improve eSports viewing based on user feedback


eSports are becoming a bigger and bigger industry, and game directors are taking notice. Today, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan released a YouTube video detailing changes the team is creating to the game based on user feedback once it comes to eSports. you’ll see the video below.


Specifically, the team behind Overwatch needed to address a criticism they have received from users over the last few months: It can be difficult to follow what’s going on once watching Overwatch eSports. They’ve taken the following steps which will hopefully make things a little higher.


First, all teams that qualified for the planet Cup have team uniforms, which will make their debut at Blizzcon on Nov 3 and 4. These uniforms will have both home and away colors; the home team will have a darker color while the away team’s will be lighter. The heads-up display is also being adjusted to incorporate these colours.


The team is also introducing a top-down interactive map that enables broadcasters and observers to view all the action at once, as well because the status of the players. Broadcasters can currently have the ability to create instant replays while live broadcasts are occurring. additionally, observers will also be able to take advantage of a third-person smart camera, which is able to automatically follow the action and smooth the camera motions. it’ll improve the spectating experience within the 3rd person.


Finally, there is a new automated interface for anyone running a tournament that should make things easier and smoother. for example, if a player disconnects from the game, the tournament can automatically pause, rather than waiting for the person in charge to manually do it. Hopefully fixes like this will facilitate minimize errors and problems that affect the enjoyment of eSports watching and producing.




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