Lexus Premieres ‘LS+ Concept’ automated driving technology for 2020


The usual order of things is that an auto manufacturer releases a concept, then a production model, then it rests on its laurels for a year or 2 before beginning the process over. Apparently, nobody told Lexus about that third step.


Lexus used its stage at the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil the LS+ concept, its vision for the future of the automaker’s flagship offering. Despite having released a innovative LS this terribly year, Lexus is determined to keep looking into the future. And, surprise, surprise — that future is largely autonomous and fancy as all get-out.


Its style is pretty ridiculous. the entire front end is a mish-mash of elegant lighting and a full lot of grille. In fact, there is no part of} the front fascia that may not either a headlight or part of that grille. The rear end is slightly more sensible during this regard, with plenty of bold lighting, but a minimum of the grille does not reach all the way back there. The rear end is much nearer to the current LS than the front is. like many other ideas, the side mirrors are electronic, because standard mirrors are so 20th-century.


The one piece of this concept that has the strongest roots in reality is its semi-autonomous system. highway teammate is capable of controlling the vehicle on highways, keeping the automobile in its lane and a sufficient distance from other cars. but not like modern systems that do largely the same thing, highway teammate also claims to have a grasp on merging and diverging. The system is also capable of learning as it goes along.


Lexus hopes to put highway teammate on the road in 2020. If it were to do so, it’d likely come connected to the current LS, since Lexus will not redo the entire thing in just 2 years’ time. In fact, a good bit of Toyota’s autonomous analysis to date has been done on a previous-generation LS. So, while the concept itself may ne’er reach production, parts of it certain seem like they’ll.


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