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Daimler unveils its electric truck weeks ahead of Tesla’s big debut


We’ve known for for a while that Tesla was set to unveil its electric truck this fall; it’s presently set for Nov sixteenth, after a few delays. but Daimler ag has stolen its thunder by saying a new heavy-duty electric truck today, another indication that Daimler is increasingly seeing Tesla as one of its main rivals.


The truck is called the E-Fuso Vision One. Bloomberg reports that it will carry up to 11 tons a distance of 220 miles before it wants a recharge. This model is just a prototype, but the corporate says it will have the truck on sale within four years in the U.S., Japan and Europe. It’s ideal for shorter trips between cities, rather than cross-country hauling.


Tesla was set to unveil its truck tomorrow, Oct 26th, but the company delayed the announcement because of Model 3 production problems. It’s worth mentioning that even that date was delayed, because the original reveal was targeted for Sep. you’ll bet that Elon Musk isn’t thrilled with Daimler ag today.


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