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Hopper App Could Completely Change How You Book Hotels


Hopper, the travel app that uses algorithms to identify low cost plane tickets, is currently rolling out a hotel booking service, starting today. Previously, Hopper users who secured plane tickets then had to use a hotel booking app like Kayak to find accommodations. but Hopper is hoping to become a one-stop shop for travel.


Drawing upon pricing information and client reviews, Hopper can suggest whether to book a hotel or to wait for the value to drop, just like how it works with plane tickets. using the same color-coded calendar, with red for costly, yellow for moderate, and green for cheapest, Hopper lets users view that dates are more expensive than others.


The hotels feature also includes neighborhood markers to indicate where a hotel are located, and a few words on what kind of a vibe you’ll expect from the surroundings, like “Rooms are little, but well-designed and high-tech .” Eventually, through machine learning, Hopper hopes the app are able to provide personalized recommendations of that hotel to stay at.


Instead of showing still pictures of hotels, Hopper is also adding a feature known as hotel Profiles, that work like Snapchat or Instagram stories, showing different sections of the hotel just like the room, lobby, and bar, so people will get a better look before they book a hotel. but the profiles often don’t give much info, particularly the parts that list a hotel’s flaws. Row NYC’s profile names city traffic as a downside, although the same can be said of each building in Manhattan. Another profile for works building says you must skip it if you don’t need a lobby that turns into a jazz bar at night, which sounds less sort of a flaw and more like the person creating the story ran out of ideas.


While Hopper’s hotel feature sounds extremely convenient and easy to use, it’s presently only available in new york. the company says it’ll be rolling out to ten other U.S. cities shortly, including LA, Miami, and San Francisco. availability to other major international cities will roll out next year, that means those of us with plans to travel globally can have to wait quite a while to use this feature. The hotels feature is available on iOS 11 devices and can come to android shortly.


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