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AT&T DirecTV to Launch Android TV-Based OTT Set-Top Box


AT&T’s DirecTV is getting ready to embrace internet-based content delivery beyond its DirecTV currently service: the corporate is about to introduce a brand new TV set-top box that’s based on Google’s android TV platform and ditches satellite connectivity for extraordinary streaming, according to a new FCC filing.


The new device, which fits by the model number C71KW-400, is being described by these documents as “the new AT&T/DirecTV Wireless 4K OTT client.” A user manual published as a part of the filings specifies that the device won’t be able to interact with any of DirecTV’s existing genie hardware, and hints at a future hardware product called HS27.


Helpfully, the manual also supplies a definition of OTT as “the delivery of video via the net directly into user-connected devices, allowing access to services anywhere, anytime, on any device.”



The manual also reveals that the set-top will shop with a voice remote with integrated touch pad, and photos show that it’s LAN, digital audio, HDMI and USB ports, but no antenna connectivity — which means that any and all programming can indeed come over the net.


The manual also reveals that the device is based on Google’s android TV platform, and a screenshot shows pictures of Google’s YouTube and Google Play Movies services running on the device. There’s also access to Google’s Play store, that presumably means that customers will be able to install Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu and other video apps as well.


AT&T has long hinted at plans to eventually embrace on-line video delivery for its TV services, and therefore the company has been selling its internet-based DirecTV currently service to consumers for about a year currently. However, the new hardware doesn’t feature any DirecTV now branding, but instead just uses the DirecTV brand. this means that it’ll likely be made available to new or existing subscribers of AT&Ts or DirecTV’s traditional TV service.


There is no word when AT&T is looking to ship this new hardware, or officially launch OTT-based video delivery. However, the timing of the filing suggests that the company may unveil the service shortly, with CES 2018 being a likely venue for such an announcement.


AT&T didn’t instantly respond to a request for comment.


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