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Facebook finally adapts to 4K video for regular videos


If you’re sick of your lovely videos wanting crummy on Facebook, there’s excellent news for you. after some super HD videos started popping up on the social network, Facebook currently confirms to TechCrunch it’s testing 4K video uploads and viewing using the 2160p UHD-1 Ultra-High-Definition tv standard. Some Pages and profiles will currently post 4K videos to Facebook, as well as watch them. It’s been a long time coming, considering YouTube 1st started experimenting with 4K video playback in 2010.


The upgrade may boost Facebook’s Watch tab of original videos. Sports, science, travel and fashion videos could particularly benefit from the extra pixels. Here you’ll check out some samples of 4K game streaming and music videos. Facebook has been obtaining very serious about video lately, and just today launched the ability to bring a guest into your Instagram Live Story.


As Facebook moves from short-form, serendipitously discovered clips into longer-form, deliberately viewed videos a lot of common to YouTube and Netflix, it’ll want the additional clarity to compete. YouTube started wider rollouts of 4K video in 2014 and 2015, and added 4K live streams in 2016.


Facebook launched 4K support for Live 360 videos in July, but its standard 2d videos have long been capped at 720p. That was fine for most of the stuff users shot on their phones. but with Facebook video currently attracting high-frames-per-second video game streamers and professional Hollywood content creators, it required to get with the program.


You can confirm you’re watching on the most resolution by hitting the gear icon on a Facebook video and switching to 2160p, aka 4K, if it’s available.


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