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Tesla opens the world new largest Supercharger station


Tesla is adding a ton of stations to its supercharger network latterly in an attempt to reach its goal to have over 10,000 Superchargers on-line by the end of the year.


We currently learn that the car manufacturer simply brought on-line a single new station in Shanghai with fifty superchargers – becoming the biggest Supercharger station within the world.


Tesla has been building some new supercharger stations with high numbers of stalls per station lately. we previously reported on 2 new 40-stall supercharger stations under construction in California, that are designed with a layout and also the supercharger lounge idea.

There also are the new urban Superchargers within cities.


But the new Shanghai supercharger station, that is located within the garage of the Lilacs International commercial Centre in the Pudong district of Shanghai, is neither of these and instead, it’s like Tesla’s original supercharger system, but with simply a lot more stalls than usual.


The station was spotted under construction last month, but currently Model S owner Jason Man stopped by earlier today and he was able to charge his car.


It not as visually impressive as some of Tesla’s more recent stations due to it being in a garage, but that’s currently so the largest supercharger within the world.


This station has to be extremely powerful in order to potentially supercharge up to fifty cars at the same time. If the system is as powerful as current Superchargers, and it looks like it is, the entire station could have a peak power output of over three megawatts.


With this new station, Tesla has currently over 1032 supercharger stations within the world with a total of over 7,300 Superchargers.


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