edge Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

5 best Things in edge Windows 10 Fall Creators Update


With Windows ten Fall Creators Update, Microsoft has added a handful of latest features and tweaks to its Edge browser. I doubt they’ll be enough to pry you away from your browser of selection, but the edge browser continues to trend within the right direction. Here are the 5 massive improvements Microsoft has created to Edge with its most recent Windows update.


Pin pages to the taskbar

Not seen since Windows 8, you’ll once more pin websites to the taskbar. To do so, click the triple-dot button on the edge window’s right edge and select Pin this page to the taskbar.



True full-screen mode

Edge finally has a true, full-screen mode where you lose the browser’s menus and tabs at the top. Hit F11 to toggle in and out of full-screen mode or click the triple-dot button then click the diagonal double-arrow button to the right of the zoom controls.


Better integration with your phone

Edge guarantees to let you start an article on your phone and so pick it where you left off on your computer, but you will need to use a preview version of Edge for iOS or android or the Cortana app for iOS or android to try it out. and you will need to connect your phone to your computer within the new Phone section of the Settings app, that you will find on the main page of Settings. i tried it out by putting in the Cortana app on my iPhone ($849.00 at Apple). I opened a news story and tapped the blue button to continue reading on my computer. It worked seamlessly; as soon as I tapped the button on my phone, a new tab opened on edge on my computer.


Better bookmarking

Click the star button in Edge (or hit Control-D) and you will see Edge’s bookmark menu got a style refresh and higher illustrates the folder hierarchy for your favorites, creating it faster and easier to find a folder to plop a new favorite. And on the Favorites hub itself, you will find 2 new things on the right-click menu — sort by name and Edit URL. the former lets you organize a listing of favorites alphabetically and therefore the latter lets you quickly edit a favorite’s url.


Better PDF and eBook reader

Microsoft added a few tools to make Edge more capable with PDFs and eBooks for touchscren PCs. With PDFs, you’ll currently click the Add Notes button to the right of the url bar to ink on the PDF, from signing your name and highlight lines to adding comments and copying text. It’s significantly helpful for signing documents — no longer can you need to add a weird electronic signature or, worse, print, sign and scan a PDF in order to send back a signed copy.


For eBooks, students (and habitual notetakers) will rejoice at being able to mark up eBooks as you read them. simply highlight some text and a small menu can appear that lets you highlight the text, underline it, add a comment, copy it or open a Cortana panel along the edge window’s right edge without leaving the page you’re on.



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