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The best 4K, HDR Xbox One X games and their trailers


Ensure you get the foremost out of your Xbox One X console with T3’s best 4K, HDR-enabled games buying guide

Xbox One X is that the most powerful games console ever. it isn’t a hollow PR boast either – the long-awaited Xbox One upgrade raises the bar set by PS4 professional with support for HDR (high dynamic range), 4K diversion and 4K ultra HD support. it is a literal gamechanger, so to get you ready for this powerful evolution, we’ve gathered together the games you must own to get the most out of your Xbox One X.





With no news on when the next Halo are arriving (our money’s on a reveal at E3 2018 with a release date sometime within the winter), you will be pleased to learn the foremost recent entry, 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians, is obtaining a giant update to support Xbox One X owners.


The game are rendering in 4K, with 343 Industries having added tons of high-res textures and assets to ensure your 4K-ready TV shows all that Spartan action to its full glory. Technically, the game will not be supporting HDR (since Halo 5 is 2 years previous and effectively predates the technology), but the dev has confirmed the game can still show a graphical improvement on TVs that support HDR.




One of many Xbox One games getting a free update to support Xbox One X’s improved technical abilities, Forza Horizon 3’s open-world racing is already an incredible looking game. Add in support for 4K, and a crisp 60fps, and you have got one of the best looking games you’ll play on a console right now.


With HDR support already in effect on Xbox One S, Forza Horizon 3 will feature a good a lot of impressive graphical update, improved draw distances which all important framerate increase. With one of the foremost awe inspiring uses of 4K we’ve ever seen, this game needs to be in your collection before you finish this text.




Gears Of War 4 is a year old already, but that does not mean its falling behind the times. A free Xbox One X update can make sure the Black Tusk shooter is locked and loaded from day one with native 4K, dynamic shadows and improved reflections. The campaign will run at 30fps in 4K while Versus will hit 60fps in 4K.


The Xbox One X-friendly update also will bring the HDR support (already seen on Xbox One S) as well as Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 audio support. so make sure you’ve got a 4K, HDR-ready TV and an excellent set of surround sound speakers/headphones in time for the console’s launch.






No surprises here as Ea Canada and Microsoft ensure that the most recent addition to the FIFA brand can support Xbox One X from launch. Expect the game to run (dribble, shoot and score) in 4K, with support for HDR-ready TVs thrown in for good measure.


With FIFA 18 using the power of the frostbite engine, the soccer sim goes to seem incredible running on Xbox One X. Lighting effects – something that stood go into the regular version – will sparkle in 4K, as will a range of other technical improvements to create your on-line kickabouts perform even smoother in FUT, Seasons and more.




Much like Middle-earth: Shadow Of War (see below for more on Monolith’s impressive open-world sequel), Forza Motorsport seven is being shown off jointly of the poster boys for what Xbox One X will do. And developer turn 10 has gone all out to show just what the upgrade will do.


The entire game runs at a full 60fps in native 4K, with practically no drops in performance from the footage we have seen. Dynamic weather, lighting and shadows produce one of the foremost immersive sims to date, with draw distances and asset details turned up to the max. It’s high-end computer gaming, right there in your living room.






One of the most talked about games of the last couple of years, Studio MDHR’s lovely platformer is that the most unique looking games you will ever play. It’s retro visuals, that capture that golden age of animation from the 1930s, appearance even a lot of striking when running in 4K.


Gameplay wise, the fast-paced ‘run and gun’ nature of Cuphead’s shooting mechanics and platforming ne’er slips in performance when running on Xbox One X. And while it’s definitely no easier to play (in fact, Cuphead will punish you relentlessly for the smallest mistake), it is a must have if you would like to turn heads with your 4K TV and your new Xbox One upgrade.





Shown off because the face of Xbox One X when the console was revealed earlier within the year, Monolith’s grand open-world sequel remains an ideal way to show just how much difference the new console brings to current-gen games. the game comes with 2 distinct ‘modes’ that ar exclusive to Xbox One X – 4K mode and a ‘Favor Quality’ mode.


The 4K mode, as you’d expect, presents the game in native 4K with dynamic scaling and increased detail across Middle-earth. there is also the option to download a pack that runs each cinematic in glorious 4K. Favor Quality mode, takes those details and ramps them up a gear, together with longer draw distance, enhanced lighting and shadows, more vegetation on-screen, enhanced asset details and lots more. It’s Middle-earth on steroids, and it’s solely on Xbox One X.






Following the lukewarm reception received by last year’s Infinite Warfare, Activision has been keen to sell the advances and therefore the differences coming to the ‘boots on the ground’ warfare of call Of Duty: WW2. that features plenty of extra bits and bobs for the ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ version.


To compete with the PS4 pro version, COD:WW2 will run at native 4K on Xbox One X across the campaign, Zombies and multiplayer modes. the game also will support HDR, so players using Xbox One X or Xbox One S will get added graphical enhancements also. Expect further plus details and a general overall improvement to performance as well.





Both PS4 pro and Xbox One X are getting updates to support an upgraded version of Assassin’s Creed Origins, but not like the version on Sony’s machine (which downscales to reach 4K) the Xbox One X take runs in a sleek, native 4K. it is a massive difference, with Ubisoft montreal even going as far as stating its the foremost beautiful version of the sport.


There’s a big update to download, but it’ll include lots of 4K texture upgrades and performance enhancements that will make Ancient Egypt shimmer and shine on Microsoft’s new machine. With this dynamic resolution in place, Xbox One X becomes the best place to play AC Origins.






One of the biggest scalps of the year comes within the form of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which will make its console debut on Xbox One and Xbox One X before the end of 2017. Not only that, the Xbox One X version can come with support for HDR and 4K on the updated Microsoft machine.


As well as running 4K – which will make hunting for gear and hunting for that elusive ‘winner, winner, chicken dinner’ victory all the more sweet – PUBG on Xbox One X will support myriad performance and graphical upgrades to improve asset details, lighting and draw distance.


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