Kalashnikov Electric Motorcycle

Kalashnikov reveals electric motorcycles for Russian military and police forces


The Russian company Kalashnikov, better known from products just like the AK-47, unveiled an electric bike at the military 2017 International Military-Technical Forum in Moscow, Russia. Kalashnikov introduced 2 versions, one for military purposes and one for the police. If these bikes are anything like their infamous assault rifle, then they’ll prove to be virtually indestructible and hugely popular among certain demographics.


It’s admittedly a stretch considering the nature of the various products, however most electric bikes, like the Zero DS, provide advanced features just like the digital dashboard and smartphone app. Kalashnikov doesn’t get into such tech wizardry. Instead, they opt for good old style flip switches, indicator lights, and a chronological speedometer. Nothing wrong with that.

The Specification are classified information


Or at least it appears that way, as not much is known regarding these new electric motorcycles. we do understand that it’ll come in 2 versions; a dirt bike model for the military with a gun rack for your AK-47 and a supermoto-style bike model for urban police forces. Apparently, the police model has a range of 150km (93 miles) and therefore the military version seems to only have a spread of 100km (60 miles) if the screenshots from the promotional video are any indication. The bikes will be manufactured by IZH, a subsidiary of Kalashnikov. 50 of the police motorcycles will be used by law enforcement at the 2018 tourney in Russia.


Apart from that, not much is known regarding these new electric motorcycles from Kalashnikov. No info on pricing, availability, power output, etc. However, Kalashnikov seems to stress that you will look cool with a bandana and sunglasses (but no helmet) riding through some mild off-road terrain.


Police Version Bike Pictures


Military Version Bike Pictures







source: electrek.co

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