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Samsung adopts Google’s to bring ARCore platform to Galaxy devices


Samsung partners with Google to bring ARCore platform to Galaxy devices

Google and Samsung group as augmented reality partners to take on Apple

Samsung and Google declared a partnership to bring Google’s new ARCore framework to Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones, uniting the 2 giants’ augmented reality efforts because the market is beginning to very crowd. The news could be a huge boon for Google’s ARCore, that Google declared earlier this year as a competitor to Apple’s ARKit. it’s effectively a software platform for building out AR apps that create use of each advances in cloud software and on-device hardware to place digital objects into the real world.



Now, developers are able to design ARCore apps that work on both Google pixel devices and Samsung Galaxy devices, together with the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Samsung was an initial launch partner for ARCore with the S8, but this can be a more formal adoption of Google’s framework for any and all future devices, the company said these days at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.


Samsung, that sells more phones than any other device manufacturer on the world, has been a longtime ally of Google’s in pushing the ubiquity of android, and this partnership ought to extend the strength of android into the AR market. The partnership is also excellent news for the AR market, as Samsung has historically chosen to push its own, more fledgling software over more obviously superior or better-positioned alternatives. With a manufacturer as popular as Samsung on board, ARCore could take off.


Announced back in August, ARCore could be a kind of evolution of Google’s existing Project Tango initiative, that relied on depth sensors and cameras to 3D map environments so that they could be populated with interactive digital objects. Tango has had a meandering path since its introduction in 2014, and it remains more of a hardware effort tied to distinct handsets just like the Lenovo Phab 2 pro and also the Asus ZenFone AR. ARCore, on the other hand, is a more direct competitor to Apple’s ARKit, and it’s a less intensive but more accessible software platform for bringing AR experiences to less powerful devices.


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