Samsung DeX

Samsung’s phone-as-desktop concept now runs Linux


Samsung’s DeX is a clever way to turn your phone into a PC. However, there is one overriding problem: you almost certainly haven’t got an honest reason to use it instead of a computer. And Samsung is trying to fix that. It’s unveiling Linux on Galaxy, an app-based providing that (surprise) permits you to run Linux distributions on your phone. Ostensibly, it’s aimed at developers who wish to bring their work environment with them where they are going. you’ll dock at a remote workplace knowing that your setup are the same as was common.


It’s not quite the same as your typical Ubuntu or Debian install. Linux on Galaxy launches through an app, and it’s using the same kernel as android itself in order to maintain performance. And it almost goes without saying that you will really need a DeX setup, since most Linux apps expect an oversized screen, mouse and keyboard.


As it stands, you will have to be patient. Linux on Galaxy is not available right now — you’ll be able to register for alerts, but it is not ready for public consumption. Even so, this is good evidence that Samsung thinks of DeX as considerably over a novelty feature. it may be a long, long while (if ever) before many of us are using their phones as desktops, but Samsung is willing to gradually build up its ecosystem and eventually offer you an incentive to take a second look.


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