AI to creates photo-realistic images of fake celebs

While Facebook and Prisma tap AI to transform everyday images and video into flowing artworks, NVIDIA is aiming for all-out realism. The graphics card-maker just released a paper detailing its use of a generative adversarial network (GAN) to create high-definition photos of fake humans. The results, as illustrated in an accompanying video, are} impressive and […]

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Nintendo Switch forecast

Nintendo raises Switch forecast to nearly 17 million units by April

Nintendo has raised its sales forecast for its latest console, the Switch, following another quarter of strong performance. the company currently expects to ship 14 million units in its financial year ending March 2018, up from its previous prediction of ten million.   Combined with the 2.74 million units moved within the four weeks since […]

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develop driverless cars

China’s Baidu teams up with Shouqi on develop driverless cars

Chinese internet giant Baidu and Shouqi limousine & Chauffeur, an online car rental company, have entered a strategic partnership to speed up the development of driverless vehicles.   Baidu will provide Shouqi with its Baidu Map service, while Shouqi will help Baidu develop high-precision maps for self-driving cars.   Baidu also will provide software and […]

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Twisted light

Make wireless data faster than fiber with Twisted light

As fast as fiber optic lines have become, they are still hamstrung by one key limitation: you still need to transmit that data over wires, that limits where you can transmit and therefore the affordability of the fastest connections. Scientists may have a way to eliminate those cables while providing even faster speeds, though. They’ve […]

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Audible support

Amazon is Now adding Audible support to its $79 Kindle

When the 1st Kindle launched in 2007, it could play audiobooks sold by Amazon’s (then) recently-acquired audible. This feature was dropped from later models as they lost support for audio, but currently Amazon is bringing it back.   The new Kindle Oasis will play audible audiobooks (the feature is coming in an update after it […]

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Store app

You’ll soon be able to buy Surface hardware from Windows 10’s Store app

Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft began rolling out an update to the inbuilt Windows Store that rebranded the app as “Microsoft Store.” At the time, outside of the rebrand, not much else had modified within the app, making the rebrand slightly odd. because it turns out, Microsoft is planning to sell more than just […]

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fastest laser pulse

World’s fastest laser pulse can observe electrons in slow motion

The race to produce ever-faster laser pulses has set a new record, and it could lead to breakthroughs in our understanding of atom-level physics. A team at ETH Zurich has shortened an X-ray pulse to just forty three attoseconds (10-18 seconds), that is fast enough that you can observe electrons moving in slow motion. That, […]

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grovemade Qi Wireless Charger

Grovemade Stainless Steel Qi Wireless Charger with a Cork Top

If you’re looking at a wireless charger — say, for your new iPhone X — there are plenty of smart choices out there, but from a visual perspective, you’re more or less consigning yourself to a plastic plate that sits on your desk.   But what if wireless chargers didn’t have to be formless slabs […]

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3-D models

Create 3-D models right in your browser for free

In case you missed it, we’ve talked about SketchUp’s free 3D design software SketchUp make before. it is a nice alternative for people who are longing for an alternate to CAD software but don’t need to pay cash on professional tools yet.   For on-the-go and on-the-fly 3D modeling, however, SketchUp’s other free software is […]

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