Friday, May 25, 2018


ISS Luxury hotel

Russia is going to build a 5-star luxury hotel on the ISS

While American private companies are working to offer to pay customers with a short trip to space. (or the edge of it). Russia is cooking up something grander. According to Popular Mechanics, it proposal saw a plan to build a luxury hotel in the ISS with Russian space corporation Roscosmos project. At least $ 40 […]

Blue Origin

Blue Origin tests with the ‘Crew Capsule 2.0’ with huge windows in space

#NewShepard had a successful first flight of Crew Capsule 2.0 today. Complete with windows and our instrumented test dummy. He had a great ride. @BlueOrigin — Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) December 13, 2017 Jeff Bezos’ rocket company is not quite ready for space tourism, but today’s test flight gets it a bit closer. Bezos tweeted […]



GE speed up medical image processing with help from Nvidia and Intel

Deep learning technology is getting itself at home in hospitals by helping radiologists examine medical scans for just a buck per image. Now, GE healthcare is bringing that AI tech directly to the scanners, because of partnerships with NVIDIA and Intel. GE Healthcare said It’ll update more than 500,000 of its medical devices throughout the […]


Scientists are using Drones and smartphones to fight malaria in Tanzania

The fight against malaria has been improving, but there is still lots more work to do. For one thing, anti-larval sprays are both expensive and time-consuming — you cannot always afford to spray a whole area. Thankfully, a mix of technology is creating that mosquito battle more practical. Wales’ Aberystwyth University and Tanzania’s Zanzibar malaria […]

medical conversations

Google voice recognition for medical conversations

Alphabet, through Verily Life Sciences, is invested in the use of healthcare through applying technology and data science. Google’s in-house Brain team is as well, with the machine learning division running a pilot study that applies existing voice recognition technology to transcribe medical conversations. Google notes that most of the Modern Doctor’s day is spent […]


12K camera

Watch a mesmerizing New York flyover shot with a 12K camera

Holland works with RED and was one of many first to get his palms on the brand new Monstro 8K VistaVision large-sensor digicam. “On a artistic stage I knew this was going to be good; Monstro’s strengths come within the type of nice coloration, dynamic vary, and really clear shadows. Which might work nice for […]

Boring Company tunnels

Elon Musk releases more details 150 MPH rides in Boring Company tunnels for $1

During an informational session with Q&A today, Elon Musk released more details about the Boring Company’s plan for its network of tunnels under Los Angeles. He envisions a “personalized mass transit” system that costs only $1 fare. Most of the presentation reiterated things that the Boring Company already made public since announcing the plans for a […]

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